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I Feel You Wax Seal Stamp (Pre-Order)

Express your heartfelt sentiments with the I Feel You Wax Seal Stamp, a perfect accessory for adding a personal and emotional touch to your correspondence. Ideal for love letters, heartfelt notes, and special occasions, this wax seal stamp creates beautiful, clear impressions that convey your feelings with elegance and sophistication. Explore our range of exquisite designs to find the one that best represents your emotions. Make every message unforgettable with the I Feel You Wax Seal Stamp, the ultimate tool for heartfelt and meaningful communication.

  • Size: 3 cm, round shaped.
  • Handle included.
  • Pre-order ends on 23 May 2024, 18:00 hr.
  • Delivery to be advise, stock estimate to arrive August 2024.
  • This stamp will be discontinued once pre-order closes, don't miss it!

* Note: This is a pre-order item.

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