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Adjustable Sealing Wax Melting Stove

Effortless Wax Sealing Starts Here!

Introducing the flame-adjustable wax seal melting stove, your key to perfectly melted wax every time. This innovative tool boasts a unique design that lets you control the flame height, ensuring optimal heat for any size candle. Simply place your candle underneath and adjust the stove's height to achieve the ideal temperature for smooth, even wax melts.

Built-in Convenience:

The design of this stove incorporates a thoughtful detail to make your sealing experience even more enjoyable. The recessed spoon holder keeps your spoon secure and steady while the wax melts, eliminating the need for awkward balancing acts and preventing spills.

Safety Matters:

Your safety is our priority. Please remember that the furnace body will become hot during use. Allow it to cool completely before touching, and always exercise caution when handling an open flame.

  • Main body material: Flame resistant
  • Size: 7cm (W), 3.2 cm - 5 cm (H)
  • Plate: Non-stick coating surface plate, can easily peel off remnants on the plate when the wax is dried.


* Note: Melting spoon not included.


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