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Begonia Wax Seal Stamp

Add a touch of timeless elegance to your stationery with the Begonia Wax Seal Stamp, a beautifully designed tool that brings the classic art of wax sealing into the modern day. Perfect for crafting enthusiasts, stationery lovers, and anyone looking to add a personal flourish to their correspondence, this wax seal stamp features an intricate begonia flower design, symbolizing deep connections and heartfelt messages. Crafted with precision, detailed impressions and a wooden handle for ease of use. Ideal for wedding invitations, special announcements, or elevating everyday letters and packages, the Begonia Wax Seal Stamp is a versatile and essential addition to any creative collection. Bring the beauty of begonias to your projects and make every impression a memorable one.
  • Size: 2.85 cm, odd shaped.
  • Handle included.
  • Temporarily no restock once sold out.

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